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A Trailer Review by JAM: Tron Legacy

October 2, 2010

“Hurry up! I want to be there in time to catch the trailers!”

A line we all hear from our overenthusiastic movie-goers but, come on… Movie trailers are sometimes more exciting than the actual movie we go see and, frankly, we criticize them just as harshly: “WTF is this movie about?”, “That looks so stupid”, “Wow, I’m totally gonna go see- directed by Shyamalan!? Never mind.”

What’s interesting is that most of the time trailers are not cut by the creators of the film but rather the marketing team (that’s why sometimes you see footage that didn’t make the final cut in the trailers). Here to criticize the job done by them, is Jen, Ama, and Maria. Check out their blog HERE. -D-Man

Hey my Internet loving friends,

Let me ask you a question. Do you enjoy the Bass? Well, when you mix the bass with invasive filtering it ultimately creates that dark, drone like feeling we’ve gotten used to in any movie where a space ship turns on. In yet another repetitive action-packed, video game loving, movie trailer we are about to go back, back to the future.

The Tron: Legacy teaser trailer with all of its booming sound and space melody reiteration is more like a classic example of an awesomely bad music video that makes me want to dance in my seat rather than see the actual movie.

The story is established when we discover Sam Flynn, a boy/young man, has daddy issues. Sam’s father, “wouldn’t leave” him as expository dialogue would tell us. Sam journeys into a video game to find his dad, as the sepia tinted tones of the “real world” are morphed and taken over by the cold blue hues of the “video game world.” A world where everyone wears tight surf suits with bright colored lights on them and uses ring shaped frisbees lit up for what seems like a laser tag game, as weaponry.

Through useless action shots and those of a hot chick chillin’ on a sofa and a white haired man resembling David Bowie playing some kind of strange stick, we hear Jeff Bridges’ voice, as none other than Sam’s father, Kevin Flynn: “Sam?” Well, you found your Daddy, now go bond–video game style. If all that wasn’t enough to ensure that this has anything to do with a video game well then listen to that Atari bit crushing sound effect accompanying the Tron logo at the end, and you’ll be certain.

I am hoping the movie will be better than the trailer, but nowadays trailers tease you by giving too much away, in an attempt to make you want to see the movie. But, with the age-old saga of a boy searching for his father and the repetition of those sci-fi futuristic images, sounds, and costumes, I don’t expect this film to be academy nominated and I think history, is about to repeat itself.


I am giving this trailer 2 slices of bread out of 5. I would have given 1, but since it made me dance I gave it an extra slice. Please come back after December 17, 2010, to see how many slices of bread the full film will receive.

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