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CMJ Report

October 21, 2010

Devin DiMattia (2010)

October 22, Thursday 2 pm

Norwood Club, West Village

If a record store falls in a sea of strip malls and no one is there to hear it, does it make sound? Hopefully Devin DiMattia’s documentary, FIREWALL OF SOUND (2010), premièring at this week’s CMJ Film Festival will make sure that sound is heard and it is loud.

Recent film school graduate from the University of North Carolina –Wilmington (whose film program is closely tied to Hunter’s film major), DiMattia spent three years on the project that started as a 15 minute short for his honors thesis. In those three years he has talked to music bloggers, industry professionals and musicians seeing how they were coping with mp3-era when record stores are failing, indie music labels are flailing and music piracy has taken over. Some highlights of the documentary include interviews with Superchunk member and Merge records co-founder, Mac McCaughan, Ex-Neutral Milk Hotel Julian Koster who now heads up the indie band The Music Tapes, REM manager, Bertis Downs and A/V Club writer, Nathan Rabin. Self-produced, the film is an excellent testament to the DIY spirit and an example that there is life after film school.

FIREWALL screens at the Norwood Club in the West Village this Friday at 2 pm; a Q & A will follow with DiMattia and producer, Neil Blackman.

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