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A Screening in Memory of Chabrol: La Cérémonie

November 6, 2010

The last of the four-film screening in memory of director Claude Chabrol’s recent death in September 2010 will be held once again in room 1343/1344 Hunter West. Expect an informal presentation of the film by Timothy E. Wilson, with a discussion to follow after.

The last film of this screening event is…

The Ceremony

La Cérémonie – The Ceremony (1995)

Tuesday, November 9 at 7:30pm

La Cérémonie is an adaption from Ruth Rendell’s novel A Judgement in Stone. Chabrol’s forty-ninth feature depicts a dyslexic and illiterate domestic servant, Sophie, that has been hired for a housekeeping position for the estate of wealthy housewife Catherine and her family. Sophie’s attempt to conceal her disability forces her to become erratic with her bourgeois employers, especially when she befriends Jeanne, an uncompromising post office employee. La Cérémonie explores the themes of alienation and loneliness in this tragic tale and gains its momentum in a climactic finale.

Hope you enjoy the screening.

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